Preserving Yesterday for Tomorrow


1835 – A busy time

The Hope Inn built for Mr. Charles Dry is opened. The two-storey brick structure is situated on the corner of King and Mary Streets.

Former Garrison Commander Mr Charles Lonsdale is appointed the Police Magistrate, later succeeded by Mr. William Moriarty. Mr. Henry Bonney is the District Constable and Pound Keeper. There are 14 constables and military personnel to protect a population of 227 free men and women and 317 male and female convicts with a total population of 954. Mr. Joseph Henry Moore is appointed Assistant Police Magistrate.

On the 7th March, the foundation stone is laid for St. Andrews Church of England by Lieutenant Governor George Arthur. Reverend John Bishton, Minister of the Church of England arrives. After a short time he buys an 8 acre block of land in the village which is later sub-divided to form a part of the St. Giles Suburb.   Work commences on the Church Of England Rectory in Shadforth Street. A small brick Methodist Chapel is completed in William Street.

Construction is started on The Willows, the Moriarty Family home. Mr Christopher H. Wright acquires Egmont Farm, situated on the north of the Township.
A large flour mill is completed beside the Meander River at Egmont Farm. Captain Edward Martin purchases a 40 acre parcel of land on the north- western boundary of the Village.