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historyroomOriginally constructed in the 1940’s to serve as a police station the building served that purpose for approximately 30 years before being used as headquarters for the volunteer fire brigade. During their time they extended the original car “lock-up” used by the police and converted it into a garage for the fire truck. When the new fire brigade headquarters was built the main building was left unused until the Council gave the Westbury Historical Society the go ahead to use it as its headquarters in 1999. At the same time one room was allocated to the Quamby Whisper, a local newspaper which operated for a short time.

rooms2Through following years the club members and the Council tried to make the building more user friendly but it became increasingly obvious that if the Society was to become more active in the community more space was needed. In 2010, after one previous failed project, a grant was received from the Tasmanian Government to renovate the two buildings. Under the supervision of a Meander Valley Council officer extensive renovations have been completed. It has become, at last, an efficient workspace for volunteers and a welcoming place for visitors.