Preserving Yesterday for Tomorrow

About Us

WD&HS_signIt is instinctively natural for humans to pause and wonder why we are here and where we came from. Westbury‘s diverse past, with its early elements of convict, military and Irish culture, is full of fascinating intrigue. The Westbury & Districts Historical Society works to give you access to the revelations and help in pursuit of the mysteries.Since its establishment in 1993 the Society has accumulated a formidable collection of written, photographic and oral material. Most obvious is the comprehensive display of photographs in the History Room on Lyall Street. Files of printed matter also provide interesting details of local failures and triumphs over a period of 190 years. Other resources include books and articles written specifically about Westbury and its surrounds.

As the awareness of the Society’s work has expanded it is increasingly seen as the ideal repository for family artefacts salvaged from the depths of dusty cupboards. Our message is; don’t throw it out – it may have some significance. On the other hand, if you are researching family trees or some local incident ask us – we may be able to help.

Almost 200 historic photos (with descriptions) of local places and people can be accessed from our eHeritage web site. We also provide walking and bus tours, displays for local events, and can, on request, arrange guest speakers. A recent exciting development is the Westbury Historical Walk with free maps available via the History Room and local tourist outlets including at the Great Western Tiers Visitor Centre in Deloraine.

Perhaps our most visible activity is conducting the biennual Tasmanian Family and Local History Faire. This is Tasmania’s premier event for both amateur and experienced history buffs and attracts visitors and exhibitors from throughout the state and the mainland. It provides a unique opportunity for those taking their first tentative steps into family research and equally gives those long afflicted with the obsession of enquiry the interaction with like minds.

The Society’s main role is to preserve the social fabric of our community to which we all contribute. This service links the histories of families, societies, places and events and, in so doing, has the potential to touch everyone.

The Society welcomes the involvement of all ages. You don’t have to be an expert on dates or past events. We can use a wide variety of skills and cater for a diversity of interests. For information please contact the Society on +613 6393 1006 or info@westburyhistorical.org